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Thermographic Imaging
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In recent years as sensor technology has progressed, Edward Dewhurst Ltd has developed an expanding portfolio of technologies. These enable us to make directed reports that help our clients make informed decisions on when and how to maintain their infrastructure.

Thermo-graphic imaging when linked with other non – intrusive tools can provide excellent data on the condition of plant and areas of likely failure. The solutions are often simple and when linked to suitable skills, the solutions can be reliably executed.

The thermographic camera is an ideal tool to use in the ongoing maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems and will allow the identification of higher temperature components which is often a tell tale sign of their imminent failure.

Other advantages are as follows:

• It is a non intrusive test method.
• It displays a visual picture of the object or equipment being scanned in real time.
• It can be used to fine objects in dark inaccessible areas.
• It can be used to scan electrical equipment without the need to isolate the equipment.


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