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We believe at Edward Dewhurst Ltd that pride in our work and our ongoing desire to deliver quality installations with added value for our clients has made us ideally suited to fully embrace the partnering “ethos”.

We feel that since its inception following the Latham Report published in 1994 Partnering has provided a huge opportunity to both clients and contractors alike to put aside the adversarial, fragmented traditional approach which was deemed “Incapable of delivering for its customers” In basic terms partnering is summed up by the Lathom report as follows:

Partnering includes the concepts of teamwork between supplier and client, and of total continuous improvement. It requires openness between the parties, ready acceptance of new ideas, trust and perceived mutual benefit.

Edward Dewhurst Ltd has a proactive management team who has a wealth of experience delivering projects both large and small for a wide variety of clients.

Our management team although experienced in terms of projects carried out is still young and open to change.

This we believe makes it easier to accept new ideas and translate these ideas leading to effective changes to our working practices. We have carried out many projects ranging from Health Care to Education to Defense Industries which have been carried out under Partnering Contracts.

The “True Partnering Projects” we have been involved in have involved our team engaging with our clients from “Day 1” of the project. This enables us to fully engage with both the client and other members of the construction team to fully understand the fundamentals of the project and the aspirations of the client!

We all live in the age of financial accountability and this has a major influence on the scope of a project.

Where Edwards Dewhurst Ltd can add value to a project is to review the design teams proposals and give the benefit of their experience in value engineering to reduce cost but at the same time time striving to meet the clients aspirations!

One of the key areas where we can offer client’s real savings within the partnering arena is in the area of design.

Edward Dewhurst Ltd have an in house design facility which can assess in detail the clients requirements and take them form the initial discussion stage through to the production of working drawings. This can be done in both a timely and efficient manor and can offer the client real cost benefit in the reduction of design fees.

In addition to this Edward Dewhurst Ltd has engaged with leading design consultants within the Lancashire area who we work with on a regular basis. This enables us to meet our clients design requirements even in such specialized areas as High Voltage and critical power installations.