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Energy Monitoring
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Harmonic analysis and power quality is now a well established process for tracking down problems within an electrical network. ED Ltd has now a range of tools and skills which enable problems to be resolved and solutions implemented. The outcome can be as simple as phase balancing to full real time harmonic suppression. We offer supply monitoring from 11kV to LV network level.

Power Profiling is now a common tool used by ED Ltd to review a client existing demands and allow constructive and economic expansion of their infrastructure by considering the true diversity of the load.

Common applications of power profiling technology include the study of existing building loads in order that a client can make an informed decision on whether he has to apply for increased supply capacity from his District Network Operator (DNO), if considering adding to his current building load. Getting this right can save the client considerable amounts of money, in both the short to long term.

By confirming exactly what load he is currently supporting and by knowing accurately what load he is potentially adding, costly supply upgrades and the payment of unnecessary ongoing charges to reserve supply capacity can be avoided.

Many power networks are dependent upon a standby battery system within the sub-stations to deliver network protection without ‘nuisance’ tripping. Knowing the health of the battery i.e. its ability to deliver current when called on is vital. To meet this requirement ED Ltd offers a full service on critical battery monitoring and maintenance.


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